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218 Daniel Webster Highway Route 3
Country Bumpkin Campground Road
Lincoln, NH 03251


Country Bumpkins' Campground Policies and Rules.

Check-out time for the campground is before 11 AM. Check-in time is after 12 Noon.

Quiet hours are from 10 PM to 8 AM.

  •  All visitors and their cars must be registered as soon as they arrive (before you enter the campground). There is a fee for visitors that must be paid at that time. The registered guest is responsible for this. Day visitors must check out at the office and depart by 8 PM. Note: We only allow one car per site so arrangements will be made for the visitor’s car at arrival. Each car must display a valid car pass.
  •  No late night partying allowed. We allow alcohol in moderation. Intoxication, obscenity and vulgarity are not tolerated. We will not appoach anyone acting in a disorderly manner. We will call the local and/or the state police to handle your immediate eviction. Please report activity disturbing other guests to the office at once. 
  • Bear and other wildlife have been seen wandering the property on occasion. Keep your campsite clean and free of trash so you don't attract them. Keep your food and coolers inside your vehicle (not in your tent). Never approach wildlife!!
  •   The speed limit is 5 MPH. It is Highly Recommended that you do not exceed this limit.
  • CAUTION: 'Children at play'. Pedestrians have the right of way.
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times. Pets cannot be left unattended. When you leave your site, you must take them with you. It is your responsibility to pick up after them. We cannot allow dogs that bark constantly as this will disturb other campers. Please do not let your pets wander onto or through any other campsite. Owners are fully responsible for their pets’ actions. Click here to see entire pet policy.
  • Do not move or modify your fire ring or fire pit for any reason. Burning of glass or other hazardous material is prohibited. Fires must be kept at a safe level and attended at all times!!
  • Do not move any rocks in or around the river. This causes flooding of the campground and is dangerous. It is Highly Recommended that children are supervised in and at the River, Pond and the Brook. Swimming and Wading in the river and in the brook is at your own risk.
  • Firewood is sold at the store for your convenience. No cutting, damaging or breaking of trees (dead or alive), shrubs, picnic tables or any other personal property. Please do not move picnic tables from the sites they are on. Let us know at arrival if your table is damaged.
  • The registered adult for each site is responsible for their children and all other members of their party. It is Highly Recommended that children are supervised in the restrooms, game room and the playground. No food or drink allowed in the game room. No sitting or standing on games or tables. Any parent allowing their children to be a nuisance will be asked to leave. No bicycling in the campground after dusk.
  • No Fireworks or slingshots!!
  • Theft or Property damage will lead to the prosecution of the responsible camper.
  • No washing of vehicles in the campground.

These policies and rules are intended to provide a comfortable and safe environment for all our guests. If they are too strict, this may not be the campground for you. This property is privately owned and the owner reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and to evict anyone for an infraction of our rules or for any other reason where safety is an issue. The owners assume no responsibility for loss, injury or damage due to an Act of God, theft, accident, or the negligence of yourself or others.

We do hope you choose to stay with us for your vacation!! Our family looks forward to meeting and serving you and your family!!