Rates and Reservations

Country Bumpkins’ rates are valid throughout the season. We don’t raise them during peak times or for special occasions. The rates are for two adults and two children (ages 17 and under). Additional adults and children will be pre-approved first and charged $8.00 each per day. No more than four adults are permitted on any site.

Plan ahead of time because space and availability at our campground and in the surrounding region are limited. The number of people you bring must match the number on your confirmation. Ten days before your arrival, campers or visitors must pay or be approved first.

Advanced reservations that include a Saturday night have a two-night minimum stay, while riverfront RV sites have a three-night minimum. The seventh consecutive night is free (must be of equal or lesser value); however, it’s subject to availability. If you’re looking to stay Saturday night only, call after 8 a.m. on Saturday to see if a slot is still available.

Click here for a complete list of our policies.


Check-in must be done after 12 p.m. by the person who made the reservation before setting up on any site. Please don’t go to your site or cabin before checking in without prior permission. There are no early check-ins. Latecomers will find their paperwork on the store door in a ziplock bag and must pay fully in advance. Please verify your name and site on the packet to avoid taking someone else’s site.

If you will arrive after store hours and require wood, please place an order and pay for it in advance. At closing time, the wood is locked away. To avoid eviction, please do not steal someone else’s prepaid wood. Tenters require it for heat and cooking.

Checkout time is before 11 a.m. each day, and the store/reception is closed from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. as well. Please plan accordingly.

Deposit Policy

We require one night or 30% of the total, whichever is higher. Deposits are based on the number of guests you reserve, so plan accordingly for the actual number in your party.

Refund Policy

We have a 10-day cancellation policy. If a campground reservation is canceled ten or more days before the arrival date, 75% of your deposit will be refunded. Refunds are not issued for reservations canceled less than ten days before arrival. Before cancellation requests take effect, they must be emailed and responded to.

Deposits are non-refundable for reservations made less than ten days before the arrival date. No refunds are given for early departures or evictions.

Campground Reservation Rates for 2022

Type of  Campsite Nightly Rate Weekly rate (6 or 7 nights)
Tent - primitive (no electricity or water) T7 thru T19, T23, T24, T25, T27, B2, B3, B4, P1, P2, P3 and P4 $30 $180
RV - Water & Electric - T26, T28, T29, T30, T31, T32 (30 amp on the pond) T3 (50 amp) $44 $264
RV - Water and Electric T20, T21 (3 night minimum)(30 amp) T22 RIVERFRONT $48 $288
T2 - 50 amp Brookside
RV - Water, Electric, Sewer (50 amp)
T4, T5
T6 - RIVERFRONT $52 $312
RV - Water, Electric, Sewer  (30 amp) T33, T34, T35, T36, T37 and T38 $48 $288

Cabins and Trailer 1 Reservation Rates for 2022

Type of  Campsite Nightly Rate Weekly rate (6 or 7 nights)
Cabin 1 – 2 adults and one small child $104 $624
Cabin 2 – 2 adults $129 $774
Cabin 3 – 2 adults and one small child $109 $654
Cabin 4 – 4 adults and two children $159 $954
Cabin 5 – 2 adults and two children $104 $624
Cabin 6 – 2 adults and two children $114 $684
Trailer 1 – 2 adults and two children $149 $894

Current Cabin and Premium Site Availability


Trailer 1

RV/Tent Sites:

T2 Brookside Water/Electric with Stone Fireplace
T6 Riverfront Full Hookup
T20 Riverfront Water/Electric
T21 Riverfront Water/Electric
T22 Brookside River View Water/Electric